Our Work

National Trust

In support of www.provideo.com, during the summer of 2014 BuzzView will be taking to the air, providing a new aerial perspective, highlighting the incredible work of the National Trust.

Visit www.nationaltrust.org.uk

Video: http://youtu.be/NbBAGOB8wCU

ProVidPro - Freelance filmmakers, cameramen and editors based in the UK

Brian and Kevin are independent freelance professionals, working together, offering the following video production services to meet your needs. Call us direct today for the best prices and calendar availability on end-to-end digital HD professional video production.

Visit www.providpro.com

JCC Associates

Founded by James Copley, JCC Associates deliver a complete and personal service, providing high quality, efficient and professional building surveying advice to those involved in procuring, developing or managing commercial, industrial and retail premises, or to the business occupiers. BuzzView supports JCC Associates with a safe and cost-effective aerial survey capability.

Visit www.jccassociates.co.uk

Flight Training Systems Ltd

Flight Training Systems Ltd, the parent company to BuzzView, is a small UK based aviation and security consultancy; accredited by the UK's Department for Transport as a provider of Aviation Security training, including the recognition of Firearms and Explosives.

Visit www.flighttrainingsystems.co.uk